Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roy "Andy" Simon running for office this November

Linda Verin has shared the following the message about Andy Simon's campaign: What a privilege for all of us to attend Highland Park High School. We're now spread far and wide but it is so much fun to keep up with our classmates and their accomplishments. It's exciting for us to report that our classmate Roy (Andy) Simon is running against the majority leader of the New York State Senate. Andy has spent almost his entire career in the service of ethics, as a legal ethics professor. He now holds the chair in Legal Ethics at Hofstra University. His slogan, "Ethics Above All" is not just a saying for Andy; it's what has motivated him to run for public office. Frankly, he's disgusted with dirty politics, graft, putting partisanship above the people. . . But, unfortunately, as we all know, it takes big bucks to run for office - and Andy's office is no exception. Think what it costs in his area to buy a newspaper ad or run a TV spot - almost cost prohibitive. We can help right now. We know it's difficult to find any extra money with the economy the way it is but if you can make a contribution today it could help clean up politics in one of our most important and populous states. Go to and make whatever contribution you can. Although it's hard to part with the money, it's great to feel you're making a difference - especially for one of our classmates. Go Little Giant!