Monday, June 01, 2009

Several Birthday Party Message Comments (6/1/09)

Hey ‘67 Gang!

Dale (Emmerich) and I wish we could make this event! Fort Worth is a little too far to commute this time. Have a piece of cake for us and wish all the folk well!

Dick Dodge

(One of the Fort Sheridan Army Brats)

Sounds like fun! I'm moving back to Portland Oregon so I'll miss it! I'll be back for our 50th reunion...yikes, it's not that far away!
Maya Abels

Dear Class of '67, I am living in Az. and will not be able to attend though would love to be in email contact with classmates. Any chance of exchanging email address' with folks who might like to chat via email? Thanks, Jill Steinberg Guenin

Count me in. I am excited.
Had my 60th last weekend and took my entire family on a Caribbean Cruise. The grandbabies were the best!
Love, Lisa

Happy birthday, everyone! I'll be thinking of you--this is the day before my own 60th!
Jane Schachter Barton

I will miss seeing everyone. Thanks for having me on the list. Enjoy!
Sherry Dessauer Shapiro

Hi everybody....the party sounds like a lot of fun, but unfortunately, I can't be in town on those dates. Please keep me in the loop about these events because I will be able to come one of these times. I can't believe we are all going to be 60....where has all that time gone?
Lots of love, Carol Gordon

Hi Guys,
I will be with you all in spirit and wishing I was there. Tomorrow is my BIG 60 and I have been partying for a week already!! Hope to see some of you when I hit Highland Park in October.
Love to all, Candy (Simons)