Sunday, November 22, 2009

From our youtube star, Gigi

By now, most of you have already celebrated your 50th (Oops! I meant the other number) Birthdays. I just did on Nov. 15th.
At my party we also premiered my latest video! Yep! That's right. Another one! Anyway, I would love to share it with you now. Remember, it was only made for fun but the end result is pretty awesome! I hope you enjoy watching it and by all means pass it around to anyone else you think would to!

Ciao for now. Love & Happiness always, Gigi (Jacobs) Mitrovic

p.s. if any of you have trouble opening the video, you can go to youtube and put these words in the search box

priceless one eyes on me

And then click on the photo of me. I'm wearing pink like the photo I attached to this email.

Subject: wastedtalentusa sent you a video: "Eyes On Me by The Priceless One"
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 02:57:02 -0800

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wastedtalentusa has shared a video with you on YouTube:
The Priceless One new performance, Eyes On Me.
If you loved Believe and Dove, you will love this one.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Northwood Jr. High 1961-62. Mr. Rakestraw's 7th grade homeroom

Names I remember:

front row: Danielle Nanni, Phil Grabar (me), Sandy Crokell, Steve Brody, Linda Rosedale, ?, Jamie Pellar. Middle row: Max Dowd, Sandy Mason, Lynn Berkson, Rivera, Patti Engle, Steve Pagliai, Rachel Cantor, ?, ?, Mr. Rakestraw. Back row: Lyle Taplin, ?, Margie Graff, ?, Barb Waarala, Gerald Pozen, Mary Ann Yurkonis, Gwen George, ?.

Phil Grabar

Monday, July 27, 2009

Susan Shure

Dear All,

This is a big thank you for a job well done! I had a wonderful time reconnecting with my classmates, and Michael enjoyed himself as well. I think that is a true testament to the quality of the people there. Let's keep the love alive!



Saturday, July 25, 2009


Can anyone identify these people

Stan Katz

To those who could not attend the celebration last night - you were missed. HBD to you (belatedly or early).
For those you came up to inquire on my recovery - I can't thank you enough for your interest in my well being.
Yes, 2008 was a difficult year but with G*D's help I survived and my rehab has gone/and is going well.
I have moved back to the area from (Memphis) and I living in Northbrook. Please stay in touch - I am a great
Emailer (especially) and am always interested in my past classmates and friends. My email is
It took this incident for me to truly realize that family and friends are all the really matter in life.
As above HBD to you all. I thought everyone looked great.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Alfredo Monteverde

Dear Ed, David, Alan and all the HPHS67 Class:
Unfortunelly today I will not be able to be at Bertucci´s like two years ago.
It is not my willing to be absent, believe me. But the global crisis plus the argentinian one, made impossible for me to be this evenning sharing with all of you.
Nevertheless, at 10 pm ´local time, your 8pm time, I will make a toast at distance with and for all the Giant 67 class.
Please send my regards to every one at Bertucci`s.
Happy birthday.
Your argentinian classmate
Alfredo Monteverde

Peggy Reuler

Happy 60th! I wish I could be there with all of you to celebrate! Have a great time.

I hope to be in Chicago in late Aug. to celebrate another classmate's 60th.

Love and Peace, Peggy Reuler

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mary Engelman

won't be able to make it, and you know how I hate to miss a party, but will be in town 2 weeks later for my mother's 95th birthday--now that's something to celebrate!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Steve Ettlinger, Ron Rubenstein, Sandi Handmacher Chatz

You're rubbing it in! I would so love to be there! As it happens, I'll be on Deer Isle, Maine....ah, well. Lobster, not pizza. But no pals....Sending big hugs and loud greetings to all! Steve Ettlinger

I'd love to be there, but it's too far for a drink!

Best to all, Ron Rubenstein

I am looking forward to the Birthday Party.

Sandi Handmacher Chatz

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Peter Werrenrath

Thanks for thinking of me. I'll be there! See you all on the 24th.

Peter Werrenrath

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Linda Verin

I decided to visit Chicago in conjunction with our class birthday party. So then one sister decided to come to town, then the other, then my brother from Australia with his family. It will be a Verin reunion. But the big news is my sister Helene just published a book that is getting rave reviews and she's doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble downtown the night before our party. She's an HPHS graduate too! Here's some info:

Bob Rich, Suzanne Goldt Friedman, Shelley Korshak, Gigi Jacobs

From Bob Rich...
Hi, I am sorry to miss this I will be out of the country.
Regards, Bob Rich

From Suzanne (Goldt) Friedman...
Wouldn't miss it! Xx

From Shelley Korshak...
WOOPS...................I'll be in Door Country at a fishboil............have fun, everyone........................


From Gigi Jacobs Mitrovic...
These past few years have been very stressful on most of us. So, I decided to bring a little fun & smiles to my fellow classmates by presenting you with my 2nd video! Just go to youtube and but these 2 words in the search box. dove priceless Once you see yours truly in the red dress, click on me! BTW... Thanks to all of you who saw "Believe". Unfortunately, Its no longer on youtube:( We were just (34) views short of (3000) before the youtube police deleted it! By Sept of this year, I will have a brand new video that will surely knock your socks off! Looking forward ro seeing you at our 60th Birthday Bash! Ciao for now!
Gigi Jacobs Mitrovic

Monday, June 01, 2009

Several Birthday Party Message Comments (6/1/09)

Hey ‘67 Gang!

Dale (Emmerich) and I wish we could make this event! Fort Worth is a little too far to commute this time. Have a piece of cake for us and wish all the folk well!

Dick Dodge

(One of the Fort Sheridan Army Brats)

Sounds like fun! I'm moving back to Portland Oregon so I'll miss it! I'll be back for our 50th reunion...yikes, it's not that far away!
Maya Abels

Dear Class of '67, I am living in Az. and will not be able to attend though would love to be in email contact with classmates. Any chance of exchanging email address' with folks who might like to chat via email? Thanks, Jill Steinberg Guenin

Count me in. I am excited.
Had my 60th last weekend and took my entire family on a Caribbean Cruise. The grandbabies were the best!
Love, Lisa

Happy birthday, everyone! I'll be thinking of you--this is the day before my own 60th!
Jane Schachter Barton

I will miss seeing everyone. Thanks for having me on the list. Enjoy!
Sherry Dessauer Shapiro

Hi everybody....the party sounds like a lot of fun, but unfortunately, I can't be in town on those dates. Please keep me in the loop about these events because I will be able to come one of these times. I can't believe we are all going to be 60....where has all that time gone?
Lots of love, Carol Gordon

Hi Guys,
I will be with you all in spirit and wishing I was there. Tomorrow is my BIG 60 and I have been partying for a week already!! Hope to see some of you when I hit Highland Park in October.
Love to all, Candy (Simons)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Tragic news from Washington, DC

Mark Levy's death notice from the Chicago Tribune:

Mark I. Levy, on Thursday, April 30, 2009, of Bethesda, MD. Son of Kenneth Warren Levy of Highland Park, IL and the late

Arleen Langhaus Levy; beloved husband of Judith Levy of Bethesda; loving father of

Elizabeth Levy of New York, NY and

Mitchell Levy of Bethesda; brother of

Michael Levy of Littleton, CO; sister of

Susan Halpern of Chesterfield, MO. Funeral services will be private. Memorial contributions may be made to: Yale Law School Fund, P.O. Box 208341, New Haven, CT 06520-8341. Please view and sign the family guestbook at

Thursday, February 05, 2009

"Solomon's Proof," the book, now available by Bob Bows

Dear friends, acquaintances, family, and associates,

The exciting changes happening in this country are the beginning of a much larger transformation, a harbinger of the next step in human development: conscious evolution. It is as big a leap as the two previous major evolutionary steps: standing erect and developing symbolic forms (language, music, mathematics, etc.).


Somewhere during the past eleven and a half years we undoubtedly had a conversation along these lines, in which I mentioned the book I was writing. Some of you have even asked me on more than one occasion when the book would be available.


I’m happy to report that the day has finally come!


My motivation for writing this book is simple: Humanity is at its crossroads; we either evolve, which includes the creation of a sustainable, spiritually and scientifically supportive environment, or face the prospect of a painful future on a barren planet. On these points there is little argument, except from those who have been blinded by ego, instinct, and greed.


There have been plenty of words written on this general subject and on a variety of related issues. Having read more than my share of these accounts, I can assure you that there’s nothing out there that even remotely compares with what you’ll find in “Solomon’s Proof: A Psycho-Spiritual Journey to World Consciousness.”


I’d like to recap as succinctly as possible what this book is about.


To begin with, the book is based on, which I posted two years ago and have continued to update. The proof is a combination of what physicists call “The Final Theory,” what alchemists call “The Philosopher’s Stone,” and what philosophers call “The Perennial Philosophy.” In other words, the proof integrates the origins and fate of the universe with human consciousness and evolution.


Given the longstanding history of such a quest, the claim that it has been solved by someone who you know may sound preposterous, but until its disproven, we’re assuming that we’ve solved the riddle. The proof is based on a model of light that I’ve been working on since I was in high school.


Necessarily, the language of the proof is complex and not everyone will be able to understand its logical progression; so, to provide a more accessible alternative, the book is written as a novel. There is also a film in the works that will use animation to further simplify and, hopefully, popularize the material.


The description of the book on the back cover reads:


“In Solomon's Proof, author Rashan Barcusé chronicles the life and teachings Michael Solomon, a brilliant former Stanford anti-war activist now Rocky Mountain yoga teacher, who claims to be the one prophesized by all religions--and says he can prove it. Indeed, he offers a scientific proof for his assertions at, which encompasses the convergence of science and spirituality, proof of the Big Bang and String theories, the appearance of the World Teacher, the unity of all religions, and the next step in human evolution.


“From a serendipitous meeting in a Boulder, Colorado, bookstore 33 years ago to 9-11 and beyond, Barcusé chronicles his relationship with the sometimes outrageous but always compelling Avatar, whose favorite subjects range from the distortions of the New Testament to the similarities of theoretical physics and spiritual teachings, and from the politics of the theatre to the theatre of political action. In addition, Solomon draws a parallel between the two greatest literary thefts in history, those of Jesus and "Shake-speare," which are reconciled in a dream by Barcusé in the form of a full-length Shakespearean comedy, The Bard's Ghost (included as an appendix).


“From Nikos Kazantzakis' The Last Temptation of Christ to Norman Mailer's The Gospel According to the Son and from Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land to Richard Bach’s Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah a host of modern writers have explored the possibilities of an Avatar’s life and thoughts outside of the selective composite document called the New Testament. Is Barcusé dancing with the devil or present at the birth of an historical turning point?”


Order information: I’m selling the book at retail on to generate momentum for a film trailer to be posted on YouTube and elsewhere. Eventually, this will lead to the full-length film noted above. If you want to buy the book for less, has updated it’s listing and is offering discounts and should be updating their information soon.


If you purchase the book and enjoy reading it, be sure to tell your friends about it. If you have a favorite bookstore, tell them they can order copies of the book through Ingram, the largest book distributor in the U.S. The ISBN number is: 978-0-615-18537-8. If you know a book reviewer, suggest that they email me for a complimentary review copy.


Thanks for your support. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.




Bob Bows