Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stan Katz

To those who could not attend the celebration last night - you were missed. HBD to you (belatedly or early).
For those you came up to inquire on my recovery - I can't thank you enough for your interest in my well being.
Yes, 2008 was a difficult year but with G*D's help I survived and my rehab has gone/and is going well.
I have moved back to the area from (Memphis) and I living in Northbrook. Please stay in touch - I am a great
Emailer (especially) and am always interested in my past classmates and friends. My email is
It took this incident for me to truly realize that family and friends are all the really matter in life.
As above HBD to you all. I thought everyone looked great.

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Gigi Jacobs Mitrovic said...

Is it possible that this photo was taken at Braeside School? Can someone get in touch with Denny Lawten? Maybe he will know something?