Monday, August 06, 2007

From Joachim Bornkamm August 6, 2007

Yesterday Niki and I returned from the States after a wonderful vacation in New England including a visit with Mary Engelman Hathorn and her family at her home in Ely, Vermont.

I am so glad that we did decide to come to the Reunion. It was such a lot of fun. I was a bit afraid that the people I still remembered would not be there and I would somehow feel lost among schoolmates I never really got to know during my HPHS year.

It was quite the opposite. Peggy Reuler, Chuck Dawe, Candy Somenzi, Mary Engelman, Linda Verin, Carol Gordon, Andy Simon, Steve Ettlinger, Richard Kanter, and of course Alfredo Monteverde, to name but a few I had not seen nor talked to for more than forty years. It was wonderful. Even Niki had a great time.

Everybody on the organising team did such a great job. Thank you so much!

Please make sure that you stop over in Freiburg whenever you come to Europe. We are really in the middle of it.

All the best,

Friday, August 03, 2007

Update - Post Reunion August 3, 2007

Thank you everyone for your messages in our blog. (Click on the comments following each entry to read those messages.) We also have received some nice emails and have posted highlights from some of them at the end of this entry.

We will issue a new Program Book/Directory next Monday, August 6. Since the reunion, we have received more than 30 new entries, plus pictures. We will ask again for contributions to the directory when we issue the new edition and expect to re-distribute it one more time later this month. You can add an entry by going to our website: and then clicking on the menu choice, "Be part of our directory"

Thank you again. Here's those email highlights:

Jay Ziv:
Congratulations on a great reunion. …Thanks for a great time.

Mary Engelman Hathorn:

thanks so much did a great job, it was lots of fun, really enjoyed saturday night and seeing my backyard in the movies. Joachim is actually coming next week for a visit and that just wouldn't have happened but for this past weekend.

Stan Katz:
You guys (and the whole committee) did a great job - a thankless job.
The reunion (imho) was a MONSTER success.

Maxine Levine Souza:
The Committee did a wonderful job planning the events, and John & I thoroughly enjoyed both evenings! Since we don't live too far away (Buffalo Grove), maybe I could help with the next one!

Chuck Dawe:
Everyone seemed to have a super time. I know I did.

Ronnie Jo Sokol:
I really enjoyed spending Friday evening with you at Bertucci's. Wonderful tournout; friendly and warm! Thanks for all your hard work.

Roy (Andy) Simon:
Thanks to everyone who made our 40th reunion such a great event. It was well worth the trip from Long Island. I look forward to our 50th.

Vicki Sherwin Anoff

Dear Ones, So enjoyed seeing all of you. It was really worth the trip.

Raya (Ronda Server) Wasser:
Aching to be there – happy to be getting tidbits of news, and WOW just listened to Charlie’s song!!! Please include this in the “stuff” – I’m attaching both the word document and PDF format. Thanks and kudos to all for an amazing reunion! (Click here to read the PDF file.)

Lee Barnett:
I had a lot of fun….Far too often it’s a thankless task, buy you guys (committee) did a great job.

Mike Wolf:
Thanks again for putting together a spectacular few days. What a great time!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reunion Weekend July 20 - 21 2007

The weekend started with a reception Friday night in Highwood chaired by Ed Orlowsky and Mike Yoelin. Over the course of the evening approximately 150 people showed up, including friends from three continents and all over the United States. Several people played in a golf outing Friday afternoon at Sunset Valley Golf Course in HP that Al Orlowsky put together.

Thanks to Marty Jacobs who already posted his comment about Friday night on our previous post in the blog that got in before this one. We look forward to hearing from you, about being at the reunion or missing it.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007


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