Sunday, July 15, 2007


Welcome to the HPHS Class of 1967 blog. Please leave a note to share with others by clicking on one of the comment buttons. We plan to keep our blog and web site following the reunion so we can always have an easy way to connect to each other and share news.


Marty Jacobs said...

The Friday night get-together at Bertuccis was outstanding. My compliments to Fred and the Reunion Planning Committee for all their hard work, especially the internet communications.

And, my most sincere thanks and appreciation go to Linda Verin and Dr. Ronnie Rubenstein for their personal assiatance.

But wait,'s only just Friday, the big event night is yet to come. Seeing so many of you once again after 40 years,...well, I'm just glad we were all here. More later.


Vera Similitude said...

Gail Rubenstein, if you're reading this, call me:
(847) 866-8080 or cell: 847-533-5672.

This weekend was great.
My compliments to all the planners. The food, entertainment and conversations were all top-notch.
Thanks for a job well-done!

Marty Jacobs said...

I don't know if everyone was aware that Barb Shibko took a header off the top of the main staircase during the Saturday night reunion event. Luckily avoiding serious injury, Barb came away with a bruised knee and elbow. She's ok but sore.

As Fred said, the weekend was truly a life cycle event. I am so very glad I decided to participate. Be well and safe everyone.

Until we next jam....

johncarlini said...

We would like to thank all the planners for dedicating all their valuable time to plan this event. We will remember this weekend for years to come. Everything was wonderful. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2017. We hope to see many of you before then.
John & Luing Carlini