Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reunion Weekend July 20 - 21 2007

The weekend started with a reception Friday night in Highwood chaired by Ed Orlowsky and Mike Yoelin. Over the course of the evening approximately 150 people showed up, including friends from three continents and all over the United States. Several people played in a golf outing Friday afternoon at Sunset Valley Golf Course in HP that Al Orlowsky put together.

Thanks to Marty Jacobs who already posted his comment about Friday night on our previous post in the blog that got in before this one. We look forward to hearing from you, about being at the reunion or missing it.

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HPHS Class of 1967 said...

July 21st 2007

I don't know about anyone else but I had a blast last night!
Thanks for wearing your name tags and writing in big big letters! Can you believe I've been up since 8:00 this morning writing to everybody about my experience last night! Time right now is almost 12 noon! I have to make this letter shorter than I would like because quite honestly my fingers are beginning to cramp up on me! Too much typing I guess!

Can't wait to see all of you tonight! I am requesting anyone if they could please please please, did I say please???? bring their year book! I also suggested that all who attend tonight's event should sign some kind of guest book when they arrive. If anyone reading this email agrees with me please let me know. I will make sure I bring one.

Love to all of you, Gigi aka Georgette Jacobs Mitrovic
p.s. didn't all of us look great!

Anonymous said...

Hello Gigi! It's Jeanette Badal. Just read your blog. Sari Kadison-Shapiro called me to share news from the reunion. You may not even remember me...I moved to California after freshman year but I saw you again when I visited IL in 1967 or so. Sari gave me the website and imagine my surprise when I saw your name and entry. I live in Berkeley, CA. Here's my email: I'd love to hear from you. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend! -Jeanette P.S. Remember when you would tell people you were a princess from the Orsini family?

Phil Grabar said...

I'm sorry I couldn't make the reunion - I'm sure a great time was had by all. Since I left HP after the 7th grade, there were a lot of names on the attendees list I didn't know. But I did want to say hey to those at the reunion I did know: Jamie Pellar...I saw your picture on your restaurant web site and you haven't changed a bit - not fair! Dave Fell...I was proud to be sponsored by Fells Clothing during our Little Guys basketball glory days. Bruce Zimmerman...If I had a nickle for every game of H-O-R-S-E we played, I'd have a lot of nickles. Candy Somenzi...In the 6th grade, when everyone exchanged those little wallet-sized photos, yours was *the* picture to get. Steve Lauer...You were the ace softball pitcher at Wayne Thomas with your nasty spinner. Larry Kreda...The Jimmy Piersall of the Highlands. Hello's also to Eileen Goldberg, Wendy Dratler, David Goldman, and Rachel Cantor.

I'd also like to acknowledge the absent friends I knew: Marshall Cohen, Sue Johnson, Sammy Manfredini, Bert Nanninni, and Steve Pagliai - they are all remembered and missed.

Since I've got the mic, here's a cyber-wave to some other old friends who weren't at the reunion - Al Hackman, Gerald Pozen, Karen Connelly, Loretta Lenzini, Barry Brody, and class of '69er Michelle Bohn. And to all the other friends from my HP and Highwood days - you know who you are. :)

Grandgifting said...

Missing all of you - wish I had been able to make it over.. living in Jerusalem, Israel and loving it... Just listened to Charlie's song, and... WOW... well, tears are appropriate.. Enjoy!! Ronda Server [Wasser]

Grandgifting said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow.. that was a great weekend! I felt a lot of love in the room and it appears that all the planning really paid off! Kudos to the planning committee, Paul Brickman . . I can't remember laughing quite so hard . .and the CLASS OF 67!!

Ed Orlowsky

Maxine said...

What a wonderful weekend! Thanks to the Committee for coordinating the events - a superb job! It was terrific to reconnect with old friends & classmates - particularly ones from Ravinia School. I will remember these 2 nights for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Tue. July 24th 2007

Greetings Everybody!

Do my pink letters look familiar? Yep! It's me again! I just wanted to tell you I've been having a lot of difficulty with the Blog for HP! It's not the "Blogs" fault. It's entirely my ignorance to computer language! Like what the heck is a "Google/Blogger"? Also, what are you suppose to do with those "Tags"! Every time I finished writing my comments I diligently followed all the instructions but I seriously think that it never was entered! Take for example.......... Did anyone read my comments from Sunday??? I think not! It was mentioning how all Sunday night I was wandering the streets of Highwood looking for my class of "67" classmates! When I didn't find you, I just figured everyone went over to Freddie (yes Freddie not Fred) Siegmans house to help celebrate his Birthday and forgot to tell me! Of course I was only jesting but the feeling of not wanting to end our reunion was still inside me! I still had a tinge of sadness when it was over and I was trying to analyze the "why" of it? Oh Dr. Shelly Korshack where are you! Anyway, if we're all fortunate to attend our 50th reunion, most of us will be 68 or 69! That's when I came up with this brilliant idea of planning a group 60th Birthday Bash Celebration! I thought it would be a splendid idea and I wanted to know how any of you felt about it ??? If anyone thinks it's pretty good or you just want to say Hi, will you please respond to this e-mail. Again I want to thank you all for a very well organized Reunion. The only thing missing was a group shot of all of us "Little Giants"! I don't know about you guys but it felt so good seeing my fellow classmates hugging & kissing each other this year! I guess we've all mellowed out over the past (40) years! It felt really good!
Ciao for now!

Love to you all, Gigi Jacobs Mitrovic

Chas said...

Sounds like all went well and everyone had a good time. All these names I haven't heard of for song long are jogging my memory!! Like Jeanette Badal and Gigi Jacobs! Wow... Thanks to all who made such nice comments about the song...and Alfredo who asked for the lyrics... from Argentina! I hope you are all well and wish you love, peace and happiness...drop a line if you like...

Same young man...+ 40 years...

Chas (Charlie Cochran)

Unknown said...

40 years later I vote Fred Siegman class president. Is it too late? what a great group the class of '67 is! can't wait until our 50th (don't forget fred, we will need a place with ramps for our walkers!) :-)
xo Leenie

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of you, but this time I could have used at least two more evenings to schmooze and catch up with everybody. There was some frustration in seeing old friends across the floor, but never getting to sit down with them. Still, what a great feeling, being reintroduced to your childhood in so many different ways. I heard several stories about myself--others' strongest memories of me--that I couldn't remember happening at all. We are all tied to each other by so much time, place, and shared formative experience. Imagine what we could learn about who we were (and are) with a little more time together.

One of Ravinia School's teacher told my mother in, say, 1959 that we were an unusually close/nice class, and that certainly seemed to be true of hphs '67 as a whole. Thank you to the planning committee for all their work and hitting just the right tone. Richie Rosen