Thursday, June 17, 2010

From Ronda Kay (Server) Wasser

Hi HPHS Friends,

I've reached the exciting point of beta launching my new venture -- my website,, and I'd love a little bit of your input!

After months of working to get all the pieces together, now it is time to 'go live'.  My goal for Grandgifting is to provide Grandparents remarkable resources to enhance relationships with their kids' kids -- in a funny, engaging way.  For this first round, I'm turning to trusted friends and family for a candid review -- Grandparents or not! 

So please jump in for a few minutes and test the site for me -- Your feedback will be very valuable!
Here's what to do:
1.     First sign in:  Go to, and sign in your 'name and email' in the opt-in box, to joined my mailing list.  [You can unsubscribe at any time with one-click.]
2.     Then Poke Around: Please explore the site from the viewpoint of a grandparent or parent. Check out where things are, and go where you feel compelled to go.

3.     And Take the Survey: Two days after you sign in I will send you an email with a link to a quick survey to get your feedback on points like whether the site is easy to use, if content is of interest or not, what is missing, etc.  (You are welcomed to send me an email at any time, too!)

4.     Share with Care:  If you like, pass this along to three or four people you think will enjoy critiquing the site.  I appreciate your referral to a few 'friendly critics', as I work out the kinks in this introductory phase.

Having feedback on your experience of and response on the survey, will be an invaluable gift to me, and so helpful in making the site helpful for others.  Thank you SO MUCH, in advance!
I'm excited to share this part of my Grand Journey with you -- See you inside!
All the best, 

Ronda Kay 
Ronda Kay Wasser

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank you David Smith for your videos

youtube now accepts avi files which means i can post our 40th high school reunion video. my home page is here:

would you please post a notice on our high school website so all may view? simply scroll down to find the video on the right. friends may also want to view, "ravinia school" and "a ravinia christmas."

thanks and i hope all is well with you!

david smith