Monday, August 06, 2007

From Joachim Bornkamm August 6, 2007

Yesterday Niki and I returned from the States after a wonderful vacation in New England including a visit with Mary Engelman Hathorn and her family at her home in Ely, Vermont.

I am so glad that we did decide to come to the Reunion. It was such a lot of fun. I was a bit afraid that the people I still remembered would not be there and I would somehow feel lost among schoolmates I never really got to know during my HPHS year.

It was quite the opposite. Peggy Reuler, Chuck Dawe, Candy Somenzi, Mary Engelman, Linda Verin, Carol Gordon, Andy Simon, Steve Ettlinger, Richard Kanter, and of course Alfredo Monteverde, to name but a few I had not seen nor talked to for more than forty years. It was wonderful. Even Niki had a great time.

Everybody on the organising team did such a great job. Thank you so much!

Please make sure that you stop over in Freiburg whenever you come to Europe. We are really in the middle of it.

All the best,

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