Friday, May 30, 2008

From Georgette Mitrovic (Gigi Jacobs)

Good Morning!
I was wondering if there are any future plans for The Class of "67" coming up anytime soon? I miss everybody! ... Anyway, I'm sending you a little surprise to show you what I've been up to lately! So sit down, pump up the volume and get ready to watch & hear 4.09 minutes of pure fun & entertainment from "The Girl On The Other Side Of The Bridge"!  These minutes are "Priceless"!
After clicking on the link below, click on my photo. If you should have any trouble just go to youtube and put in these two words in the search box. believe priceless
I hope you don't think I've gone completely crazy! This video was made just for fun and as a surprise for my friends Birthday who loves Cher! But after watching it I realized it ain't bad at all! As a matter of fact, a little over (1000) people must think the same! Would you believe as of today Gigi "The Priceless One" has a combined total of (1099) views in just 8 weeks! Pretty awesome for a someone whose going to have a fricken big big Birthday in another (2) years!!!! Anyway, you might be curious as to why I'm sending this to you in the first place??? Here's the scoop!
I promised my friends that if we ever reach (1000) views I will take them all out for dinner & drinks.  This we are doing this week. However....... If we ever reach (2000) views I would take everyone out for dinner & drinks at their favorite Restaurant which is in Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Airfare on them but din din on Gigi!  At this point all that is needed in another (901) views to reach the (2000) goal! I started thinking, why not send my video to my fellow classmates!  Everyone would be entertained for 4.09 minutes & I would get some much needed views to have a good reason to go to Brazil!!!  Brilliant don't you agree! ... Pease pass this on to as many people in our Class and give them my regards and tell them, it's never too late to do something fresh & exciting no matter how old you are!  ...
Ciao for now,  Gigi "The Priceless One"

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Gigi Jacobs Mitrovic said...

These past few years have been very stressful on most of us. So, I decided to bring a little fun & smiles to my fellow classmates by presenting you with my 2nd video! Just go to youtube and but these 2 words in the search box. dove priceless Once you see yours truly in the red dress, click on me! BTW... Thanks to all of you who saw "Believe". Unfortunately, Its no longer on youtube:( We were just (34) views short of (3000) before the youtube police deleted it! By Sept of this year, I will have a brand new video that will surely knock your socks off! Looking forward ro seeing you at our 60th Birthday Bash! Ciao for now!
Gigi Jacobs Mitrovic