Tuesday, January 29, 2008

John Hinde January 29, 2008

Hello Gang,

I'm going to miss Jim.

It's been tuff to loose anyone from our classespecially the ones you have known from kindergarten and have reunited recently only to find out they have passed away.

I just want to say how lucky we are to have each other and how much that means to me. Our class was very special, in that, we took care of each other. That's what I remember about Jim Altman...he took care of me and everyone around him. He had a way with social skills that is rare and was unique to him. Despite his temper he always managed to "Keep the Peace" ...wherever possible, yet he never let anyone walk on him. He always spoke his mind and you could say he was a man of authority on all kinds of things.

Jim Altman had a great smile and even better a funny laugh...hard to describe... but very different and contagious. Jim was a dear friend of mine and taught me many things, like how to interpret Bob Dylan songs. He would say "Johnny you know there are a lot of hidden meanings in Dylan's songs ...and I think I know most of what he's saying" Then he would tell me in detail what Bob was really saying. I found those days with Jim fascinating and a wonderful experience. Jim was a great musician and we are going to play several songs in memory of him at his tribute, like the one sung by Keith Harris..."Forever Young"....thanks so much Keith, I know Jimmy will real like this one.

Jim was ahead of his time. He asked a lot of questions about all kinds of things...water supplies to solar energy. His latest comments at the reunion were about energy and recycling. He and I agreed on many topics and I told him that we can make a difference by starting in our own "backyard" ...recycle as much as possible and stop filling the earth with trash. There are so many programs that can help us to wisely use WATER, ENERGY, and BUILDING MATERIALS. Jim would say "We need to take advantage of the new materials to build our homes." As a retired General Building Contractor, Jim always looked at what he could do to protect the homeowner's interest.

A quote from his web site:

"Professionalism, Integrity, Quality Service, Proven Results and Win-Win-Win Negotiation make doing business with me the "Real Deal in Real Estate."

I'm going to miss Jim...big time. I love you like a brother ...may you rest in peace.

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